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False documentation... more common than you think. - page 10

Disclaimer: This is my personal opinion and I hope we can agree to disagree if need be. If you are a perfect nurse, please do not read. I have seen many threads on AN about false documentation... Read More

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    Quote from Teacher Sue
    No, it is not a personal affront, it is an observation. In several threads, you have stated that different issues are due to management's refusal to staff appropriately. This leads me to think that you believe all managers and administrators are greedy and evil. Yes there are some power hungry selfish administrators, but this is true in any profession. Most managers and administrators do care about patients and staff. But we are forced to function within constraints applied by state and federal governments and regulatory agencies that require more documentation and that we meet stricter standards of care. With ever decreasing reimbursement and higher acuity patients, it is becoming more difficult to provide good care and remain fiscally responsible. It is very frustrating to see staff struggling to meet patients' needs. This is why I spend most of my mornings on the unit helping with care, then stay until six o'clock every night to complete my administrative duties.
    Yes. Awesome, but you are the exception and very rare in deed. Your employees are lucky to have you. However, it doesn't solve the problem, but the band-aide makes the boo-boo feel better. I am not making light of what you do, believe me. I just find it so wrong to hold the nurse accountable, and expect the impossible. I know so many who have been wrongly chastised, fired, or reported to the BRN for errors made and then have their whole career destroyed. So management in your position are not the cause of the circumstances, but administrations who continue to have unreasonable expectations from the nurses are. If one were to explain what you have explained about the government mandates etc...and then say..."We know we are asking the impossible, and we understand it is impossible. Therefore, we will not hold you the nurse solely responsible for this and we will all do our best to provide the most important care for our patients."...It would be more fair. But, I'm not holding my breath.
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    Quote from tokmom
    We scan our meds and our charting is computerized. It documents when we pass meds and do notes, so no hiding anything.
    Mine too, this is where I'm sitting here scratching my head wondering how in the heck anyone falsifies med administration or documentation in the computer age. Time stamps, people. Time stamps. FTR, I don't falsify. I chart what I did when I did it, and I don't chart it if I didn't do it. Simple.
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    Just btw, this thread is 4 years old at least. Things change rapidly in the EMR world. There's a good chance the original problem looks significantly different now.
    But the original issues are part of the reason I am now an RN Clinical Analyst and can actively do something to help nurses work/chart efficiently. And I am very happy about that.
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    Quote from palmsofvictory
    Just btw, this thread is 4 years old at least. Things change rapidly in the EMR world. There's a good chance the original problem looks significantly different now.
    What is with all these old posts coming up from the dead?