Drug seeking patients? - page 17

What do people think about the term drug-seeking patients? I guess I have a hard time with it because usually these people are complaining of pain and who are we to judge whether they are or are not in pain. On the other hand,... Read More

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    When you have a patient complaining of "chronic shoulder pain" and "ohhhh I can't move my arms" but as soon as you walk out of the room you see them moving their arms like if nothing happened without even wincing. I start to believe them less.

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    If the doctor has ordered the medications, I'll give them. Now, if they have a RR of 6 and no pupils, that is another story. Narcotic pain medications have been over prescribed for decades and a lot of people who have chronic medical problems have chronic pain. I'd like to think that the doctors who admit these patients know them way better than I do and I tend to trust their judgement.

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