Anxiety in giving meds

  1. I have been a nurse for 25-plus years. However, I have been out of hospital environment since 1994. I have chronic pain issues for which I take medicine, suffer from sleep apnea (I am on CPAP at night). I also have anxiety and depression issues. My current job I am an RN for an Assisted Living/Specialty Care Assisted Living so I do not give medications. If we have a call-out that cannot be covered I will be responsible to give meds. This would be for nearly 50 "residents" with average of 10-15 medications, plus insulin and other injectibles. I am terrified of the day I have to give meds! I no longer feel comfortable doing this, plus feel my medical problems and medications make me a little dangerous in this regard. I do well in all other aspects. My question is: Has anyone ever been paralyzed by fear to do their job or give medications? How did you deal with this? I do not want to lose my job but not sure what to do about this. I have been on disability and could not afford to live! (physical limitations prevent me from doing anything requiring lifting and such). I love my residents, but I am afraid I may hurt someone. I am bordering on phobia and would appreciate any advice. Nursing is all I know. Thank you!
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  3. by   jessi1106
    Yikes 500+ meds to pass? I'd be nervous too. I have never worked in LTC.

    Deep breath and 5 rights of medication administration.
  4. by   DSkelton711
    Thanks for replying!! Yes, yikes! I would have 2 hours to give meds, but I know it would take me much longer! Will remember to breathe deep!
  5. by   eatmysoxRN
    I'd say take your time and make sure you give them right. One patient at a time is the best motto. If management doesn't like that it takes so long, maybe they should be sure there are enough nurses to do so.
  6. by   DSkelton711
    thats pretty much how I feel about it. One problem is the residents come and hunt you down and start closing in on you, everyone wanting their meds at same time! Gets a little scary!! lol.
  7. by   Vespertinas
    Can you ask your manager if you can shadow a nurse over there a few times? You can get a better idea of how it's done and they can maybe teach you the time-saving tricks.
  8. by   DSkelton711
    Thanks! I have done this a few times already. I have decided not to freak out about it if it happens. They will either find someone else to help me or let me take my sweet, safe time. The residents will just have to accept that I will have to take more time so they get the right drugs, right dose, right route, but maybe a little late. Will have to prioritize Insulin and other meds that are time-critical.