administered in a wrong site?

  1. Hi there. I hope you could help me. I am currently working in NICU but had been pulled-out to ER to help. The Physician ordered 1 g of Ceftriaxone per IM injection to a 6-month pregnant woman. I diluted it with 3ml 1% lidocaine and injected it all in deltoid muscle. when my patient left, i realized that I was taught that only 1 ml can be given to deltoid muscle. I should've given it in gluteal muscle. what do you think might happen to my patient? have you ever heard an incident like this that caused so much harm to patient?
    Hoping an immediate reply from you. thank you.
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  3. by   eatmysoxRN
    How big was your patient's deltoid?

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  4. by   jelanne
    her arm is approximately 25 to 30 cms., i guess. she's fat.

    thank you.
  5. by   JustBeachyNurse
    I was taught max 3mL in an adult. Was there an induration or excess swelling at the site? I've seen a few abscesses at IM deltoid sites but it wasn't volume related it was determined per culture results it was due to poor skin prep (+staph epidermis)
  6. by   jelanne
    i don't know. I left her after i administered the medication because i needed to attend another patient. and when i went back to check her, she was gone. i am so worried. i wish i could say sorry to her but it's too late.
  7. by   EZshot
    She will be fine. You did no harm.The most to expect would be a sore arm.I wish someone would have told me that throughout my years of nursing.