2 dead, 7 injured in Western Psych shooting, Pittsburgh

  1. 1 http://hosted.ap.org/dynamic/stories...03-08-21-23-16


    posted this here, since it concerns patient and employee safety. always be aware of your surroundings, and watchful for anyone or anything odd or out of place. this is a tragic event, but should also be studied for ways to improve hospital security, once the full details are divulged.
    law enforcement sources said the shooting may have begun in an area called the diagnostic and evaluation center, or dec, as it's referred -- a fact that stunned employees.
    "that's the most secure part of the entire building," one employee, who asked to remain anonymous, said.
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    Tragic........Like I always say, you just never know. My prayers for all.
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    It is a tragedy. My prayers go out to all affected. It's scary how vulnerable we can be when we expect to be safe at work. You worry about needle sticks and safe traveling to & from work. You never expect anything like this. So sad...

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