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  1. I wanted to know if anybody has interviewed with the VA hospital within the past 2 years for a LPN position. I am suppose to be setting up an interview pretty soon with a nurse manager and wanted to get a little more insight on the interview process. I do know that the VA has PBI and I have viewed some of the questions. I just want to really know what was the interview like ? how many people interviewed you ? and are the PBI questions on the website really something that they ask ?

    Also, is there anything I can do before hand to prepare myself better for this VA job interview, I'm sure they interview differently from a private sector
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  3. by   ambiance
    I am not an expert at interviewing, however I will try my best to advice you a little bit.

    When you are interviewing it is important that you prepare in advance. The more prepared you are, the more likely you will be at gaining a job opportunity. Preparation involves research. Look up information about the facility, especially the motto. If possible use it in some of your responses. Research any of the necessary certifications that the facility requires of the position currently and in the future. When you are asked what your goals are, be sure to use your research. Preparation involves practice. There are so many questions that can asked of you that it is important that you practice them in advance. It also helps to write down your responses so you are able to think things through. Another important step to practicing is using the opinion of others in regards to some of the responses that you thought about using. Have a practice session (preferably in your interview clothes with at least two individuals - most interviews tend to have two or more people). When interviewing remember to remain calm and to breath. Also, it would be a good idea to have a sort of reflective pause before your responses. It helps to show that you are a thoughtful person and gives you a moment to get your thoughts together (Ever heard the saying: think before you speak). Never forget to smile and to express how glad you are to be given the opportunity to interview. When your interview is coming to a close, make sure that you have a final response to give them in order to keep them thinking about you. Some people also send thank you notes.

    Hope this helps!