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Help! I have an interview scheduled a VA hospital in Nc, what can I expect them to look for? What is a "clearance" I am currently a state employee but also had a "boo boo" while working at a... Read More

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    The nurse manager I interviewed with actually told me they prefer phone interviews.... I even asked her which would she prefer me to do. She said either. They treat each the same! It is a panel interview which doing it over the phone made it a lot easier!!!
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    Wow! Really? You have really put my mind at ease. Anjib828!!! Bless you!Are you in NC by chance?
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    Thank you and NO Problem!!! I wish I had someone to talk to about the process as I was going thru... And I live in TN.....
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    Well I had my phone interview this morning, I was well prepared and it went great! I didnt have to worry about eye contact but hesitate on answers some as i thought them through. The interviewers were impressed with my answers and I feel great about how it went, they also said it could be between four and six weeks before I hear anything but i hope they were exaggerating and will call sooner! Thanks for all the support!
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    They did tell me the same thing BUT called the following week!!! Good luck. I hope you get it!!!!
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    Thank you! Im so excited!