That awkward moment when...the interviewer implies you're not qualified enough!

  1. Previously, I figured that if you're offered an interview (within any filed--not just nursing), it meant that someone who plays a part in the hiring process had read your resume and figured you had some kind of qualifying factor and/or was a viable candidate.

    However I am quickly learning that this is not the case. I have been on a couple of interviews and it seems that an unsettling pattern is arising--there is some kind of communication breakdown within management. One place I interviewed, I heard the interviewer who happened to be the DNS, ask the secretary "what position is she interviewing for?" so it was quite apparent that the DNS was unfamiliar with my file and had not taken any part in selecting me for an interview. As if that wasn't daunting enough, the DNS obviously was looking at my resume for the first time and right off the bat, basically told me in no specific terms that that they're not really hiring new grads! Yet, I still had to sit through the interview after that...what torture!

    A similiar situation happened once again where I was called in for an interview and then it turns out that the interviewer hadn't really looked at my resume and/or wasn't aware that I didn't have hospital experience. He looked somewhat shocked and then he didn't really seem to know what direction to take the interview now that he realized that I didn't have the experience he was looking for.

    Is it just me?..or has anyone else been experiencing this?

    It makes me almost paranoid to go on interviews now because its like running into a brick wall everytime you have to be interviewed by a person who is expecting someone way more qualified.

    I have an interview coming up for a medical office that specializes in vascular surgery. I have limited experience in phlebotomy, which given the practice's specialty, I suspect will be a very imperative skill to know. Although my resume specifically states which nursing tasks I am knowledgeable in (phlebotomy is not listed, FYI !), I cant help but to feel like I'm once again going into an interview where the employer is expecting someone more skillful.
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  3. by   Zadia
    Ohhh wow!!! That is too bad!!! Keep your head up!! Keep interviewing! Your resume obviouslty stick out of the many. A job will come your way soon enough :/)