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    I had an interview yesterday late afternoon. The interview was over around the time the NM who interviewed me was set to go home. As a matter of fact, she walked me to the elevator (with her things and handbag) and went down to the lobby with me where she was meeting her ride home. So I know she left at the time I did, so when I got home I was in no hurry to email a thank you to her. I would normally send a hand written short letter but I know it would never make it to her before Monday.

    Now, I am scheduled on Monday for a peer interview (the NM mentioned she may not be on the floor at the time) and immediately following, I'll be shadowing a nurse on the unit for 1/2 a shift. The NM wants me to email her after the shadowing and let her know my experience and if the position is one that I would be interested in, and if I am she said she'd get the ball rolling with HR and have my credentials verified etc.

    My question is this, should I email the the thank you (for the interview) today so that she will see it Monday morning. I was thinking it would be just a short thank you for the interview opportunity and a line about how I'm looking forward to the shadowing opportunity on Monday. And then Monday night when I get home email her as she suggested. Or should I just wait until after the shadowing and send a thanks for the interview and shadowing opportunity (as well as my experience and decision) all at once on Monday night?
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    Since you're only talking about a matter of hours, I would send one email on Monday after your shadowing opportunity and thank her for both things.

    Good luck!!
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    Thanks for the reply.

    I ended up just emailing a short thank you as well as stating I was looking forward to my shadowing experience. Figured it was also a way of confirming the shadow time and day.

    Of course, I'll email her as she requested about my experience etc with the shadowing, etc on Monday night when i get home.

    Again, thanks for the reply and the well wishes. Fingers crossed!