OR-Surgery Interview for New Nurse - Advice?

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    I have an interview tomorrow as a surgery/OR floater at a multi-specialty clinic. I only have ASC PACU & Pre-Op experience, no med-surg. What kind of questions can I expect? I have always wanted to get into OR, but have had trouble due to lack of experience.

    Any advice??


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    thank you so much- very helpful! was wondering if anyone had recent advice?
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    Great timing! I wanted to make a thread just like this (well sort of) because I was contacted to schedule an interview for a CVOR/OR position - but in a hospital. I have no prior OR experience. I'm a new grad with 8 months of med-surg/critical care experience. I have researched on here about OR interviews, but would love some recent advice as well. I have no idea what to expect- this thread would be very helpful. When is your scheduled interview?

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    Sorry - I missed the "tomorrow" part in your thread. How'd it go?
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    it actually went pretty well - they hired me on the spot! i'm still considering this & another offer for a completely different position. the OR is actually ASC/not open surgery, lots of triage and periOp, which i love. but the pay is low for our area (under $30/hr) and i've heard they are a chew'em up-spit 'em out factory. so i'm kind of hesitant. in one way, it would be great experience & great skills. in another, i REALLY like working in a factory, where they tend to not train well & shout the rest & make you feel awful every day. not where i want to spend 40 hrs/week, ya know?

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