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Second interview at LTC

  1. 0 I'm a new graduate with a BSN that graduated on may. I passed my boards in July, and I been applying everywhere but I got no luck. I applied for a staff position RN at a Nursing home N I already had my first interview. She explained pay, benefits, etc... She scheduled me for a second interview to meet the assistant director of nursing. She gave me a copy of the nursing home policy and it explains everything from paid holidays to sick days etc..Is a Second interview a great sign and what can I expect In a second Interview? LTC is not what I wanted to get into, but I need experience and I need to put in my time.
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    I am RN with her BSN, ltc is not what I wanted either, I am still there two years later however you will get to learn and get many firsts, some LTCs require only RNs to be supervisiors, supervisiory experience is a plus to put on your resume whether you do it for six months or a few years, it will give you an edge whenever that ideal offer shows up.
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    Thank you for replying, yes she wanted me to apply for supervisory position but I just graduated and want a little more experience before I take on a big responsibility
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    good choice, work for awhile, and later on if they bring it up again ask for some time to shadow someone who does it all the time, I only got two days training and then had to learn other things as I went along