Second Interview at a Hospital... What should I expect?

  1. Hi Everyone-

    So I just got interviewed by the CNO today for a RN position and I think it went well. Well enough that she then directed me to HR for a second interview with another person there today. They weren't expecting me and made my second interview appointment for tomorrow. What should I expect? I have NO idea what kinds of questions they continue to ask me after the initial interview. The position I am applying for is for a new nurse (Registered Nurse I). Any helpful information would be appreciated! =)

    Also... From my research online it seems they may be asking me to do a drug calc. test and maybe some medical case scenarios? What if I don't know the answer to one or 2 questions? =/

    Please & Thank you! <3
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  3. by   turnforthenurse
    What kind of questions did they ask you during your initial interview? Typically the first interview includes more generic questions (strengths & weaknesses, why you went into nursing, etc)...the second interview could be with the director and/or nurse manager or even a "panel" of other nurses that work on that unit. Those interviews usually include more behavioral/situational questions. Just google different types of questions and then prepare answers to them and practice those answers. It's okay if you don't know the answer to something - just say what you think and if you are ever unsure, you have other resources on your unit - your charge nurse or supervisor.

    As for the drug calc test, that is typically given to nurses after they are hired during the orientation process. It's pretty standard nowadays.

    Best of luck to you!
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    Hope things went well. Be sure to come back and give us an update.
  5. by   CrystalNurse7
    Thank you both for your input and encouragement. =)

    They offered me a position! & Of course, I accepted- I want and need the experience. ^^
  6. by   CrystalNurse7
    Thanks for the link. I interviewed with a lady in HR they offered me a RN position a few minutes afterward! I'm so happy! =)
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    @ turnforthenurseRN

    The CNO asked me behavioral interview type questions like, "If you see another nurse leaving unanswered call lights, speaking roughly with patients, etc. What would you do?" Also, "Where do you see yourself in 5 years?"

    The second interviewer was not who I expected. The CNO directed me to another person than the person I initially met. I didn't know her position and later learned she was an HR consultant. She gave me a list of questions she would ask me. More behavioral type questions and none were medical case scenario types. She also asked me basic questions, "What is your definition of professionlism?" & "Describe how you overcame a challenge in your life?" She eventually asked me one (the only medical scenario in our interview), "What would you do if you saw a fellow nurse make a medical error?" During our interview I mentioned a moment when I saw being interviewed by the CNO and she was surprised, like she didn't know about it (which surprised me internally) and then asked me if I had any questions. I had a few questions ready.

    I was told to wait in the HR waiting room and the lady I was supposed to meet initially she offered me the RN position. =)
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    Hi crystalnurse7

    I hope all is safe with you. I am a new grad and I have a second interview with CNO. This is my first interview with CNO. Plus English is not my first language. I am not really good at making up staffs unless I prepare my self a head of time. Plus I don't want to mumble and look stupid. what kind of questions should I expect and prepare my self? Please advise me since you have the experience. I really want to do well and get the job offer. I really appreciate it your assistance.

    Thank you!