Phone screening. What does that mean!?

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    Hi all! I am a new grad RN and applied for an RN-new graduate position at one of the hospitals in my town. I just got word that I am to have a phone screening and if it goes well I will receive an interview. Any idea on what this phone screening may include? I'm nervous!

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    Phone screenings entail a nurse recruiter verifying information based in what you provided on your application and résumé, and asking questions on your nursing experiences (whether in school or previous work experiences, nursing and non-nursing if it was on the résumé), etc. Those answers will assist in deciding which units would be a good fit for an interview. At least that has been my experience.
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    The screening I went through included questions about the hospital so do your research! Also asked my past experiences and why I want to work at that particular hospital. Phone interviews are tough cause sometimes you can't hear very well, can't see their faces ect. I found this part tougher than the actual interview so study up! Good luck!
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    Thanks so much! I will definitely be doing my research!
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    They asked why I wanted to work for the hospital, why this was my unit of choice, why I went in to nursing, what degree did I hold, where I did my clinical rotation for that particular unit applying for. They also went over my resume.
    Hopes that helps

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