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  1. Okay, there are a couple of jobs I am going to put in for. I like both of them and either one I would be fine with as they are both considered public health. I am terrible with coming up with questions to ask the interviewer.

    I know I want to ask about turn over because I plan on staying in the job for a while and if that's not something that usually happens for one reason or another, I would like to know.

    I kind of wanted to know the extent of the involvement with other organizations in the community with one of the jobs I am wanting (the other I already know the involvement). It's a clinic though and I don't know if they would be baffled by that or turned off by my question. But, I am a big supporter of collaboration between organizations because I believe it makes for better patient care.

    I also am curious about where they would expect me to be in terms of short term and long term. It is a nurse position, but I am wondering if there is a chance to move up or if the job is somewhat stagnant. I plan on furthering my education and getting certified in my specialty and I don't know if this would be a turn off or if the places would be supportive and somewhat expect that from me.

    Are these okay questions? Do you guys think they are irrelevant/not good questions? Suggestions please, especially from people in hiring positions or have been in hiring positions.
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