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MICU Interview

  1. 0 Happy Sunday!

    I graduated from nursing school in June 2013 and have been working as an RN on a med-surg floor since August. I'm coming up on my 5th month there (4th on my own). As most med-surg nurses, I don't really enjoy it but had to pay my dues and get some experience before leaving.

    Right before Christmas, I interviewed for an Emergency Department position at an outside hospital. I think it went well, but I was told I wouldn't hear yes/no until after the holidays. I'm still waiting to hear, and that's ok. This same outside health system called me on Friday to interview me for their Medical ICU.

    I worked as an aide in an ICU for 2 years before becoming a nurse, so I'm familiar with the environment, but not the 'nursing' part of it.

    What can I expect from an ICU interview? I'm really nervous but both ER and ICU are top interests of mine and I'd be thrilled if either one worked out.

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    They may ask you to describe a time when you helped solve a problem. They may also ask why you want to work in their particular unit and ICU in general. They may also give you a clinical scenario and a customer service scenario. Good luck.
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    Thank you!!