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  1. I recently had two phone interviews for a RN position in hospital in the Southwest. I live in Northeast PA. They called me today and want me to come in for an on-site (peer) interview. I don't know what to do. I asked her if I could give her a call back so I could look over some arrangements. I really would like to relocate to the area and work for this hospital- but I am so afraid that I will not get the job. I only work part-time in retail. While I do have a chunk of money saved up, I would be spending about 1000 dollars to travel out there. I have been looking for a patient care tech job since October 2011.. I started to look for RN jobs a few months before I graduated in May 2012.. I just finished up my RN-to-BSN this May 2013. The only interview I have had for a nursing job here was for a long term care facility back in December 2012. I am not getting any calls back here. There are a number of nursing schools in my area - so it is rough. But at the same time, my family is worried that I will be wasting money if I go out there.

    Does anyone have any suggestions or insight on what to do? I would feel really embarrassed if I did not get the job. There is a possibility that I won't get the job. But, I feel like I don't have much else going on here.

    Thank you!
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