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Last year I wrote a three-part essay on how to answer the most common nursing interview questions. My three different articles list some of the more conventional, commonly-asked questions along with... Read More

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    Quote from laceym
    Just a question about the response for a greatest regret/lesson. You wrote to not say anything too intense, but would if the greatest regret is something the interviewer will eventually find out about (something on record)? And I am wondering if the interviewer would think it is rehearsed if the interviewee stated their certain criminal history (whatever it may be) is their greatest lesson? Please reply, any advice would help me (and I'm sure others too)...Thanks for the article.
    I can only speak for myself, of course ... others may have a different view ... but I think such a question (about regrets) is a great opportunity to bring up something that you KNOW the interviewer knows about. Bring it up and get it out of the way.

    But if the interviewer does NOT know about something in your past ... an interview is not the time to display "dirty laundry" that does not need to be displayed.
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    Interviewer: "If you could be any animal what would it be"

    Applicant: "I'd be a fish. I already have the three second memory"
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    I was once asked, "If you were a dance, what would it look like?" I said that it would be well choreographed and smooth and fluid, but would allow for a bit of free-style craziness whenever necessary. I didn't get the job, but the interviewer said he liked my answer a lot and might use it himself someday.
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    Thank you for sharing this article. This would be helpful.
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    I really love this suggestion!
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    If you have a license with stipulations do you discuss this during the interview? If there's not a place to put it on the initial application
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    Good question, however I do not know the answer...
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    Great article! Thanks!

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