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So I just graduated this summer and passed my NCLEX in October. I live in Oregon, it has been really hard to find work around here. I did have a job interview a couple weeks ago at this one place I would really love to work.... Read More

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    I say if you felt like you wanted to run.. don't go back. Trust your intuition.

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    Always trust your gut. If you don't need the money don't take the job. If you do need the money don't take the job. Sounds like a nightmare. I've walked into facilities for job interviews and had such an awful feeling that there is no way I would consider the job.

    One facility I went to for an interview, took a look around, and made an excuse to leave right then and there, before the interview even started.

    Some of those facilites can be truly horrifying. A couple of them made me want to cry.
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    Go to the second interview, then decline when an offer has been extended or call the HR tell them you are withdrawing your application(i prefer calling hr right away).

    I know what you are talking about, a SNF IS DIFFERENT that an ALZHEIMERS UNIT. Clearly cuddleswithpuddles doesnt know and havent seen the difference. If you dont like the job, dont. You'll just hate coming to work if you force yourself. But be sure that you weigh your options and not let oppurtunities pass you by.

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