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Interview Advice Needed

  1. 0 I'll try not to make this too long...basically, I ended up having to leave my first job after 6 months because I was rushed through the last phase of my orientation and I learned the skills but I was not able to perform them as confident and fast as they needed for me to go by myself. The unit was going through a period where they were extremely short staffed and needed to make a decision of keeping me on or taking me off, I was facing termination if I couldn't perform the skills to their standard but I felt it was an endless hole and It was best that I resign. Obviously a huge blow to my confidence.

    So thats that, anyway I picked myself up and started applying to other positions and much to my surprise I got 2 interview calls pretty quick. I'm usually pretty good at interviewing so I felt pretty confident minus the dreaded "why did you leave your last job" question. I thought I had that one worked out. Anyway I just heard back from the first interview and I didn't get the job much to my dismay. I have another interview scheduled in a little over a week at my dream hospital I didn't think I stood a chance at getting in the door. Now my confidence is shaken though about the way I to explain that darn question. I know maybe someone else was just more qualified and maybe its a sign to have the chance to go to the interview for my dream job....I don't know...does anyone have any advice how I may better explain my situation? I don't want to blow that chance.

    Also, I learned you can't be vague when explaining things like that...the interviewer always presses for more information. Any help would definitely be appreciated...
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    Confidence - Go in there with the mindset that you are a lock for the job, and YOU are the one deciding if you want to work there.

    As far as leaving your last job - be honest. You don't have to be detailed, but let them know, you wanted more training and it was not available. You did not have the support staff you needed to be a good nurse.

    Be clear that you are determined and this is the line of work you desire.