How to politely decline interview invite?

  1. 0 I am a new grad RN. I was looking for RN jobs on the west coast but had no luck. I accepted a job here in my home state and will be starting next week. Last night I received an interview invite for an amazing medical center on the west coast next week. I unfortunately cannot go because 1) the airline ticket is $700 but hotel expenses! 2) I start orientation next week.

    It is my dream job in my dream location but I have to play it safe and stick with my current job. I guess I can gain experience here and find a job on the west coast in the future. How can I politely decline so that they will still consider me in the future? I don't want to mention that I can't afford it... I wish it came at a different time!
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    Thank them for the opportunity ("Thank you very much for the opportunity," etc.), be honest about your situation, and be sure to end the conversation on a good note. The key is not to burn bridges or act like you are "blowing them" off. Just as you've said, you want to politely decline the interview [but will be sure to contact them in the future about possible opportunities especially because you'll have more experience, etc.].
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    "Thank you for the opportunity to interview with Dream Hospital. Regretfully, I must decline as I have accepted a position at Safe Hospital. However, I plan to relocate to the West Coast in 2016. Dream Hospital is an excellent organization (gush a little about it here), and when I relocate, I look forward to developing my nursing career with you. I will contact Dream Hospital in the future when I am ready to explore employment opportunities."

    Something like that. Sorry if it's rough--I'm not caffeinated yet.
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