Hospital interview in the US, need advice!

  1. So like I mentioned on another thread, I was lucky enough to be offered an interview on float pool for a great teaching hospital. But my hospital interview experience is pretty slim, and completely non-existent for US hospitals.

    Do I need to brush up on anything? (Have been doing home health for 9 months, before that was on maternity leave for a year and a half)

    How do I dress? Is it ok to have my hair down or do I do pony tail, updo, wtv?

    Is there anything specific to float pool I need to be aware of as far as questions I will be asked?

    I emailed her a copy of my resume, but should I bring a carbon copy of it to my interview? Should I have a list of references and contact info on hand?

    I know this seems so silly and inexperienced, but back home my jobs have typically been through much more informal hiring processes, so I want to cross my t's and dot my i's!
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  3. by   sandyfeet
    I would wear a suit or something similarly professional-looking. Hair can be down as long as it looks clean, "polished" i.e. looks like you styled it and are meticulous about your appearance. I would bring hard copies of everything in case you want to reference something. As far as being specific to float pool, I would be sure to communicate that you are a team player who is willing to work to fit in with whatever particular unit you are floated to that day. That you are a self-starter but will seek help when needed. What floors will you be floated to? You could play up how you have certain qualifications (ACLS, NIHSS, etc) that will make your transitions easier. Or that you plan to get them if hired. Good luck!!!