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So, I finally got an interview with a hospital!! It's a phone interview, so I am a bit nervous. Has anyone else ever gone through a phone interview? What did they ask? I really need to be on point...I am a new graduate and in... Read More

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    Quote from nycnursey
    I got called for an interview! I'll be interviewing with the nurse managers of the ICU and SICU. I'm so excited! Yayy!!
    I know this post is old but did you get an offer? I have n interview in 2 wks with them.

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    No, I did not have a phone interview yet and I applied to 6 positions and they did not say which one it was for.
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    What questions did she ask you during the phone interview?
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    Quote from boushie87
    What questions did she ask you during the phone interview?
    Hey she asked reason for wanting to go upstate? Time I went above and beyond for a patient? Short and long term goals? Reason for choosing their hospital? What unit am I interested in? Strengths and weakness?
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    did you do the personal interview. Please, let me know if you did and what tybe of questions they asked? as I have a personal interview with the surgical nurse manager in tow weeks and i am so nervous
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    HI I was recently offered a position at BMC medicine floor as a new grad nurse. Can anyone help me with the accommodation ideas in Cooperstown near the hospital?

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    - Question was answered in another thread. Thanks!
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    I have a face to face interview at bassett medical center. I will appreciate it so much if you provide me with a few concerns that I have. My interview is on jan 9 and i want to know how the transition was for you. I'm coming from NYC. I have to come there by a bus but I think I have to spend the night of the day before my interview date over there. Is there any affordable motel I can spend the night there and also how is the accommodation. Sorry for all the question. I guess I'm anxious
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    The only affordable inn I stayed at is closed for the winter. It was a nice place although it was just outside of Cooperstown.

    Cooperstown Motel is also affordable but has horrible reviews on TripAdvisor. It is walking distance to the hospital, I believe.

    Other places I have looked at cost upwards of $85+ per night. However, the places did look nice and clean. You can check out:
    The Inn at Cooperstown
    Main Street B and B
    The White House
    Cooperstown B and B

    If you think it might be an option for you, you can check out motels in Oneonta. The Hampton Inn at Oneonta was nice, clean and quiet as well. I think a night's stay was around $80 - $85. I believe public bus runs during weekdays and is not too expensive.
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    Hi. I am going to Bassett for an upcoming interview and planning to take a bus there. Which bus can I take from NYC to Bassett and how do I to get the bus ticket? Thanks.

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