Has anyone used a PowerPoint presentation to add to the interview?

  1. I am scheduled for a second interview with the county public health dept. I applied in Jan. as a new grad BSN, PHN. My initial interview was in late March and unfortunately I was rejected due to lack of experience. Since then, I now have eight months of SNF experience. I was surprised when the county dept. called to see if I was still interested in employment! I now have my second interview scheduled next week and am looking for ways to really impress upon the interview board my desire and skill to meet the job.

    A friend had mentioned that she used visual elements for her previous job interviews (not nursing) to impress the hiring panel. I have PowerPoint projects and a capstone poster from my BSN course that I thought would be applicable to the position. I will be bringing updated copies of my resume and cover letter. I have studied various AN advice that will also add to my discussion for this next interview. What are your thoughts to bringing my laptop to the interview to show the projects? This is my DREAM career, I want it to be my reality! Thanks in advance for any insight
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  3. by   tyvin
    Hmmmmm...it depends, if I was applying for an advertising position in business maybe but nursing is personal. I think that would detach the interview to tech vs personal. I wouldn't do it. You would walk away from the interview and they would be joking how they could see you introducing yourself to your first patient via powerpoint.

    You want to introduce yourself as an RN with confidence, not a walking computer geek (which is how you would come off) IMO.

    Be yourself
  4. by   RN 033
    Thanks for your advice! Within the interview I discussed my computer program abilities and think that was all that was necessary. I must have done something right, because they have requested another interview this week!