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I just did an online application for a job. I was asked to complete an online assessment. It was the Gallup Nurse Insight Assessment, which I can find nothing about online. Anyone have any info about it? Is this common? HF... Read More

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    I had to take this for an large health care system position in Florida. I was already approved to work for this health care system in another state, and supposedly all I had to do was take this Gallup assessment (which is not required in the other state) and I was in. I took the assessment, and never again heard from the recruiter. She won't even answer e-mails. Before that, she was e-mailing and calling like crazy. When I aksed her about how I did- no response. The test site gives you no feedback on how you did.

    I am a BSN level nurse with more than 5 years experience, including two years as a department manager, with impeccable references and letters of recommendation. If this is the new trend in nursing, where some test that some survey company makes up now keeps us from getting employed, despite our education, experience and quality of our past work, then this is indeed a sad day for nursing and all employment in this country in general.
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    Interesting.. the Nurse Insight is still around as the posts above were 2010. I applied for job (FL) this AM and was required to take this Gallup test. Reminded me of an extreme personality test. I hope someone can tell me more about what it's for. Here in NC they make you take a test to see if you are suited for healthcare field prior to being reviewed for a nursing program. Any input would be appreciated.
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    never heard of it, but many industries have personality tests to try to weed out the dangerous, smarta-- and other types. If you do not play well with others you might not be a candidate for that employer.
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    What other types?
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    and what is
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    I just took the test two days ago haven't heard anything from the Health care facility.
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    I wonder if they use this test to screen for psychiatric facilities. Because everyone at my acute psych hospital is a smart aleck and we have decided it is a job requirement!

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