Filling out a paper application inside the hospital

  1. A colleague of mine works at a small hospital and they are hiring. You only submit your resume online and there is no way to apply online. I am going to be dressed as for a interview to to fill out a paper application.

    #1. Should I fill the out application inside the hospital?

    #2. Should I fill out the application inside my car?

    #3. Should I get a application and take it home fill it out and then bring it back within a hour? ( I live 10 minutes away)

    I dont want to overimpose, thats my only drawback for option #1. I had a bad experience filling out a paper application at a hospital one time. The application was extremely long and wanted my high school address and lifetime employment history. I sat in some small chairs right in front of the receptionists in the main entrance trying to write all neat. Several people who looked like CEO's and directors walked by me and stared. I did not get a interview with that hospital.
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  3. by   adjappleton
    Since you had a past experience that made you uncomfortable, I would take it to your car or home, wherever you are most comfortable. Or does the hospital have a cafeteria? Good luck!
  4. by   Sailnskinurse
    Just take it home and fill it out. That way its neat and you can relax. Take it back and ask about meeting with someone when you drop it off, it can be a foot in the door!