Doesn't like my experience, but interviews me anyway? Doesn't like my experience, but interviews me anyway? | allnurses

Doesn't like my experience, but interviews me anyway?

  1. 0 Way too confused here.

    I applied for an EP lab position. I tried applying online but no one called me back of course. I mentioned it so the secretary on the floor I work on dropped it off there, because she knows someone. About an hour later the Manager calls me to schedule an interview. My schedule was tight for the month; so we decided that I could come after an 8 hour over night shift the next week.

    My experience is vast, but what lead me to apply for this was the travel assignment I took in which I was trained in the Cath Lab which also has an EP lab in 3 days. It took much hard work to be there and loved the experience, but due to housing I could not extend my contract. I would of loved too stayed there permanently.

    I was really excited to land this interview as it is close to home, family, and friends. Plus it is my dream job. But, when I got there the Manager knocked all my experience. Why even bother interviewing me and wasting my time if you don't even like my experience? Or, I am not the type of nurse you are looking for, for your floor? Just to tell me I am not good enough? Especially, when I just worked a grueling overnight. Then, I had to of course watch a procedure wearing lead for a few hours.

    Any suggestions or input.
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    I asked a hiring manager. I was just used as an interview body to say that a nurse was interviewed. It was a mean strategy but oh well.

    I couldn't delete my post.
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    So they already had someone in mind, but they still had to interview another nurse? Sorry, what an inconsiderate waste of your time.
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    I know. But, I guess that is the way the business goes?

    Just have to keep on trucking.