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Day surgery interview

  1. 0 Hi everyone,
    I need help with an up coming interview. I have been working in LTC and got a call today from a hospital for an interview for thier day surgery unit, i am honestly nervous as i do not know what to expect.:redpinkhe
    Anyone out there with pointers, advice, suggestions on how to pass this interview.
    I haven't been in the hospital setting and looked for a job for a WHILE before the LTC job. I will like to work in the hospital so i can learn and practice more............except someone out there thinks LTC is the best.
    Your suggestions please.
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    Hooo wheee, the joint can be jumping in day surgery units.

    The good: you get 'em in and get 'em out; treat 'em and street 'em. You'll also learn quite a bit. Great way to get familiar and comfortable with treating a wide variety of pathologies and physiology, and procedures/procedural tasks.

    The bad: day surgery RN's seem to be grumpy a lot...a lot of running and loose ends.

    Good luck and go get 'em. Good choice and opportunity for where you're at, imho.
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    Woh guttercat thanks for a quick reply. Didn't understand your last sentence about the LTc opportunity.
    Guess I will be a chicken without head if I take this job huh?
    Thanks again.
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    i too rcvd a phone call for a job interview tomorrow at a day surgery!!! good luck to us both