Critical Care Residency Program Interview - Advice?

  1. I have an interview next week for an area company's critical care residency program. To me, this is a dream opportunity. I am planning on wearing my black business pant-suit with a green button-up shirt underneath. I will have my hair pulled back and have practiced my make-up (minimal neutral shades).

    I have been looking online for hours at interview questions/advice and am still feeling nervous. From what I was told on the phone, I will show up and fill out an application (I am assuming something different than what was required to apply). Afterwards I will be doing an initial interview with the nurse recruiter and then afterwards will go to a panel interview (I assume with representatives from each of the hospitals that are part of this program). I am planning on taking extra copies of my resume.

    Anybody have any advice or experience with this type of program? Any input would be greatly appreciated.
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  3. by   CrufflerJJ
    Every hospital or network is probably looking for something different in their interview process.

    Some likely look for a candidate...

    - who is intelligent, "sharp", but knows that he/she doesn't know it all

    - who admits to not knowing the answer to clinical questions (but can tell how you'd find out the answer), rather than trying to BS your way through it

    - who can express enthusiasm for critical care

    - who obviously CARES for the patient and their family members

    - who shows that teamwork is important to them

    - who can discuss the most memorable pt they've encountered (including the disease process & treatments observed)

    - who has some decent questions to ask the interview panel (NOT about starting salary, benefits, vacation time,...)

    - who knows basic facts about the organization for which they're interviewing

    - who has a near/long term goal compatible with the organization's needs (for example - it's probably not wise to admit that you want to be a flight nurse or CRNA or who-knows-what when you're just starting out...the department might label you as somebody who will just work 1-2 years, then move on to "bigger & better things."

    ...or any combination of the above...

    Unfortunately, some might also look for candidates who had a 4.0 GPA, were at the top of their class, and couldn't walk & chew gum at the same time.

    It might not hurt if you asked to "shadow" one of the company's ICU nurses before your interview, if that's possible. If you can swing this, treat your shadowing day as a day long interview.

    Good luck!