Confusing interview....

  1. I am an LPN and I scored a rare interview for a job in the ED of a small local hospital. The manager called me within 2 days of me sending my resume and scheduled an interview for the day after that. I thought everything was going great during the interview. She talked like she was going to hire me. She was discussing schedules, training, etc. Then at the end she said, "Well it will probably be a couple of weeks before you hear anything. I have a lot on my desk here and a whole stack of RN applications to go through." I thanked her for her time and went on my way. The next day or maybe the day after, the job was posted on the hospital website for an RN. I pretty much can take the hint that I'm not getting the job. My question is...WHY on earth did she call me in for an interview?

    I'm confused. And disappointed. oop:
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  3. by   missyis2blessed
    The interviewer must not have read the job requirements prior to selecting you as an applicant. Although your experience base obviously attracted her attention, your lack of credentialing turned the tide against you. If education is an area you are interesting in pursuing then return to school and put the "clout" behind your name to back up your ability. Yes, it is hard work but I bet you are up for the challenge!
  4. by   amoLucia
    While the interviewer may have really been impressed with your application, she may have been subsequently pressured by others higher-up to go the RN route. She's just prob following her orders by the facility to match the current Magnet trends.
  5. by   Keep_Calm
    Just an update. I got a phone call on Friday (2 and1/2weeks after the interview) from the DON at the hospital and she wanted to schedule a second interview. I guess you never know....
  6. by   Keep_Calm
    I thank you for your comments, also. I am currently in school for RN. Hopefully that helped a little.