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  1. After months of applying and literally HUNDREDS of applications, I finally had my first (and so far, only) interview today. It was for a speciality I love and for a hospital that is part of the Department of Public Health. It was all scenario based questioning and a written care plan. I feel like I did well on the care plan, but I know I missed some really key nursing issues and actions during the scenario questioning. The questions were part of the civil service exam for California. I studied so hard for this interview, I'm so passionate about this speciality and I've waited for so long for an interview, and I feel like I totally blew it. I feel like the rest of the interview went really well; I was myself, likable, calm, spoke clearly, etc. But at the end of the interview, the NM told me some of the things I missed during the interview and she said she was on the fence and not quite sure whether I'd pass or not.

    Has anyone else taken a civil service exam for nurses, not done that great, and still gotten the job? Will a stellar care plan make up for my shortcomings during the interview?
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  4. by   watermelon21
    Hi Mnt.woman.RN, what other types of questions did the ask in the civil service interview? I have one in 2 weeks and don't know what to expect. Do you have to study your lab values, calculations, and common drugs? Or is it mostly general questions like "Tell me about yourself" "what are you strength and weakness" "why do you want to work here" and etc? Thanks so much
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    I don't have any cure, but I want to comfort and encourage you. How's it going now?