All nurses! Brand new PCT in need of advice :)

  1. So I just secured a job at a local hospital as a PCT in a same day surgery unit. This is my first hospital job, I'm a brand new CNA as well, just received my certificate in the fall! So i'm new to all of this As a nurse, what do you expect out of your techs? Any advice to help me be the best PCT these nurses have seen? Any help is soooo appreciated! Thank you so much
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  3. by   serenitylove14
    Figure out what the expected duties for a PCT is on your floor. Try to stay positive and do as much as you can/ do what is expected of you. Honestly no matter how hard you work or how hard you try to get along with everyone, there will be atleast 1 person who gives you a hard time. Just do your job, dont tell your personal business, and look into continuing your education asap. Being a PCT is hard work and eventually you will get burnt out.

    Good Luck
  4. by   k-flo
    I found that sometimes it is very hard to please all the nurses, especially since on my floor sometimes I can be assigned to 4 nurses (we split the floor half and half). When I first started working it was hard to say no because I wanted to please everyone, one nurse would say "can you help so and so go to the bathroom" then seconds later a nurse wanted me to wheel someone down for discharge, and as i'm walking to do one of those things, a nurse peeks her head out of a room and says "can you come help me real quick?" When you start working you'll realize "real quick" is not actually quick. So as you finish doing that, inevitably one of the nurses will say "did you help that pt to the bathroom?" and they will get frustrated if you didn't do it. So I realized I can't please everyone and communication is important, you need to let your nurse know whats going on. If you can't get to something right away, be honest about it, don't just say yes because you want to be nice 'cause it can come bite you in the butt later. Like the post above me said, just do your job and get along with everyone, and communicate. It sounds cliche but it really is all about teamwork.