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  1. Hello All!

    I have recently applied to an Accelerated Bachelor's of Nursing program and have been invited to a personal interview. From what I understand, the interview is one-on-one with a faculty member and will last for approximately 30 minutes. I was interested to see if anyone has been through a similar interview. Seeing as it is an accelerated program, I was unsure if the questions would be different than those of a regular BSN program interview.

    The program is at the University of Tennessee Knoxville, and is a fairly new program ( I think this is the fourth class to enter). If anyone has any tips or helpful ideas I would greatly appreciate them! My interview is next Friday, so not much time to prepare!
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  3. by   AlmondB10
    I'm in the same boat! Any feedback is helpful
  4. by   CC Wisconsin
    My Accelerated BSN interview was via the telephone since my program is online. It was pretty similar to a basic interview, I thought. It was a while ago, but they asked:

    -Why did you decide to go into nursing?
    -Why are you applying to this program?
    -What do you know about this program? (DO YOUR RESEARCH!!!)
    -What are your strengths/weaknesses (definitely mention organization as a's super important for accelerated programs!)
    -What would previous coworkers/supervisors say about you?
    -What three words describe you the best?
    -Give an example of a difficult situation and how did you handle it?
    -Why should we select you?

    Non-verbal communication is super important...if yours is a phone interview like mine was, you need to sell yourself with your responses. If it is an in-person interview, focus just as much on non-verbal communication as on your answers.

    Make sure you do your research about the program. They want to make sure that you know what you are getting yourself into (ha!) and that you know what is expected of you.

    Also make sure you prepare yourself and know what you will say to these questions. I'd also look elsewhere on the forum to see some common questions.

    Good luck!