3rd interview....with the Director of Nursing

  1. I got a call back last Thursday from the hospital I interviewed for (YAY!) and they were doing my reference and background check. The next day (Friday), the recruiter from HR called me to set up a phone interview for tomorrow with the Director of Nursing of the Med/Surg units.

    Should I take this as a good or bad sign? I'm panicking now, because they told me I was a final candidate for the RN position last Thursday... could this 3rd interview with the DON be the one that makes or breaks my chance of getting this job? I'm worrying because:

    1. I'm a little intimidated because this is all new to me (1st "real" job) and
    2. I don't know why they need to interview me again; I feel like they're not sure if they want to hire me or not.

    Pleaseeee let me know how I can seal the deal and make a really great impression with the DON. These opportunities have truly been far and few between, and I really want to start working as a nurse already...

    Thank you so much.
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  3. by   jujubeee
    When I had to do a second interview, I wondered what they would ask me that wasn't already asked at my hour-long first interview. So...I emailed the recruiter and asked her what to expect. Turns out, my second interview was more like "getting to know you" type thing rather than asking the same questions I'd already been asked. Maybe the DON wants to meet you to see how you as a person will fit in the unit and with the staff. I'd take it as a good sign. Try not to dwell on the bad stuff. Oh, and if you wanna make a good impression....BE ENTHUSIASTIC! Show him/her that you WANT the job. Good luck!!!
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  4. by   yourstrulyjmc
    Thanks jujubee. It's another phone interview, because the hospital is 4 hours away... so hopefully it is just a "getting to know you" type of interview. Honestly, I can't imagine what more they could want to know or what else I could possibly say before offering me a job.
  5. by   LindaBright
    Keep in mind that there are always particulars when interviewing for any job. With the distance involved, its not surprising that you are being interviewed multiple times, and/or by multiple people. It is absolutely normal in any job interview situation. Like a PP said, just be enthusiastic, engaging and answer all of the questions (even if you've already answered them). Best of luck to you!