What's a fair salary?

  1. When searching to get into the informatics field of nursing, I see alot of people go through the EMR trainer specialist/tech support position.

    Finding what is a proper pay for that position is much harder.

    I get numbers all over the place when searching and then trying to index it based on location makes the numbers almost useless.

    So my local hospital in florida has an EMR position open that I'm considering.
    The job is a salaried position that will be providing tech support for healthcare staff, designing training materials for the upcoming EMR roll out, implementing them, and evaluating their effectiveness. Working with staff to design screens and user interface items for upcoming EMR roll out. Consult with IT and work as a liaison.

    So, what does one get paid for this? They require an RN for it. No IT's with health care experience, must have license. No mention of HIT-Pro being required x months of hire.

    Also they plan on rolling out in January, is 5 months a suicide mission time wise to design the materials and instruct the staff.
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  3. by   ikarus7401
    The problem with trying to come up with a salary is that every state, every city, and even every hospital based on the software they have implemented, have different salary structures.

    As an example, back in 2008 a Seattle hospital was paying 75k for an analyst position, while the hospital across the street, was paying 91k. Same job title, just different organization using different vendors.

    Also, not to mention that every person has different skill sets, years of experience (or no experience at all), and sometimes positions are looking for specific skills.

    And in my own searches, I thought Florida jobs paid a lot less than other similar jobs in other states, so again, hard to nail a specific number. But then again, Florida has no state income tax, but depending on which city you live, your auto insurance for example might be through the roof.
  4. by   EMR*LPN
    I just finished a project that started 15 months before the first go live. NOT ENOUGH TIME!!! It was the largest of all of the facilities and too many things had not been tested or worked out before they "flipped the switch". That go live was a disaster, but the 2nd one went smoother because of all the issues at the first one.
  5. by   BaptistNurse
    I have been an ADN for 10 years, with the first 4 in O.R. and the last 5 in I.T. as an informatics nurse, doing all the things you listed in your post. I had ZERO I.T. experience when I transferred from OR to IT, it had all been on the job training. I work in Texas at a 500 bed facility. I am an hourly employee and my gross is approximately $85-$90 per year. I am not a salary employee because the job requires a lot of overtime and working different shifts during implementations for training and go-live support to evening and night staff. It pays better for me to work hourly so I am still eligible for overtime and shift differentials.
    I hope this helps your evaluation of the salary offered for the position.
  6. by   MsDani
    I'm interested in assisting with Go-Lives on a temporary basis. Last April we went through a massive go-live with Cerner Millenium. We went from Phoenix to full on powerchart with cpoe. It is pretty awesome and I was a superuser and really enjoyed the system. I'm an RN that would like to explore this as a career for approximately a year while my husband finishes his dissertation. Do you have any suggestions for a gal like me?
  7. by   EMR*LPN
    I have been on projects with nurses, RTs, CRRTs, MAs and MDs etc, who will schedule their vacations from the day job around go lives
    that they can provide activation support. On LinkedIn, do a search for the particular system you are experienced with. That should bring
    up any consulting firms that provide support for those systems. Good luck!