What does Google Chrome mean for your electronic medical record?

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    What does Google Chrome mean for your electronic medical record?
    Google announced the launch of its new Internet browser, Google Chrome, earlier this week. Within hours, message boards and blogs were afire with commentary about how the new browser interface could affect electronic medical records systems at healthcare organizations.

    Why? As one blogger noted, as EMRs move to an ASP model, and as browsers become de facto operating systems, having to optimize for up to five browsers will become a difficult and time consuming job for vendors.

    We've rounded up some of these discussions for your interest:

    Canadian EMR: Google Chrome and EMRs...
    As a physician using an EMR, I do not particularly care which browser is being used. Other than personal preference, it is all the same to me. However, if the newer generation of EMRs become ASP based (in other words, accessible off a remote server) and I have to use a browser to access my patient information in the EMR, it had better work 100% of the time.

    Kevin, MD: Google Chrome and EMRs...
    I haven't tried it yet, but will soon. I've read that its Java and ASP processing is unsurpassed, in anticipation of Google re-inventing the operating system that will work solely through its browser. How does this apply to electronic medical records?

    EMR Update: Google launches new browser Chrome...
    Google is really crafty here - It open source - but open source meaning if you add any code it must be available to everyone and the resulting code and your add-ons etc must be free. EMRs are a lot of code - not likely someone will spend the money and time to give it away with no chance of a return.
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