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  1. Hi Everyone.

    I thought that some of you may want to know about the following:

    Through April 1, Health Information Technology Professional (HIT Pro) competency exams are available at no charge. Each of the six HIT Pro exams pertains to a specific HIT workforce role instrumental in the process of achieving meaningful use of electronic health record systems:
    The Commission on Certification for Health Informatics and Information Management will award credentials to all individuals who pass a HIT Pro exam.

    I do not know the stats as far as how marketable you become once you pass these exams. Some light may be shed about these certifications on the office of national coordinator for HIT website www.hhs.gov/healthit/.
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  3. by   overtonis
    I did quick search. Looks like you have to be 'sponsored' by completed HITECH program or health institution. Someone who has excelled in informatics program could probably start up nice little business by creating a guide for passing this exam. I still don't know if HiPro would make difference in getting employment but it certainly wouldn't hurt.

    From their website:

    "Only members of the ONC/HITECH Community College Consortia and other eligible entities (e.g., other
    accredited academic institutions, health care employers, state/local employment agencies,
    organizations within the United States military, and electronic health record (EHR) vendors) in the
    United States (and U.S. territories) can request vouchers. Individual test takers cannot place an order for
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  4. by   ikarus7401
    In my experience, when we have hired candidates, managers and directors are really more impressed by experience than by certificates. I have personally seen resumes being hand picked for an interview, simply because a nurse had super-user training experience, or some other related experience to informatics. That's why I always tell people who want to enter the field, get involved, get involved, get involved,update your resume, apply for jobs, and obviously, network if you can. There must be other hiring managers/directors reading this forum. I would be curious to see what their input would be on this.