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My facility is going through the process of training all employees to use EPIC. It's a new system that is on the computer and is replacing all the patients paper charts. They say this new system is suppose to be easier and that... Read More

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    We use McKesson and we have opinions on it vary, mainly based on the generation gap. The older nurses who remember paper charting are thrilled when we have downtime and they can paper chart, the newer nurses who never paper charted don't know what to do when the computers go down. We're getting ready to start CPOE and just like with nursing charting, some physicians are excited, some are just resigned to accept it, and some say there's no way in hell they're doing it. We'll see about that.
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    moved to an nursing informatics forum --many posts about epic.

    having been on an emr 9 yrs, first 6 months tough, still learning 3yrs later....tweeking system onling adventure with each upgrade about q 6-12 meet regulatory requirements: still ocassional torture when beta site.
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    @ jr west - we are able to see new orders under the proper tabs or on the patient summary. As for the tele-strips, I won't be doing tele-strips. So I can't answer that question for you. Maybe someone here can offer insight on the tele-strips and scanning them.
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    Thanks NYRN08. So does that mean then that unless you are actually signed on, that you won't be aware of new orders?
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    Quote from jrwest
    Thanks NYRN08. So does that mean then that unless you are actually signed on, that you won't be aware of new orders?
    You are logging on so much into EPIC throughout the shift, you will have many chances to see that you have new orders. The icon telling you there are new orders should pop up on the first screen.
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    We use EPIC and it has been difficult for me to learn. But once you get what is suppose to be done, it really is nice. We do everything on the system. It is a system that can be revised. It sounds from what I read a popular system. I am hoping that some day that all of the united states will be on the same system and then the training when going to a new hospital would take no time at all because the person is already familiar with it. The health care costs would go down because there would be access to the tests that were done. I hope that comes about soon. Then maybe insurance would help us more with the costs.
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    Once the bugs get worked out and your system tweeked, you will really like it. It took about a year to totally implement and we were able to build specific things in for NICU. The docs orders are a more trying to read them, pharmacy orders go right to pharmacy, xray orders go right to xray. Your careplan notes are streamlined. Sure, it takes adjusting, but like anything it take a bit to learn to work with it. Now, 3 years later we don't know how we did it without it!
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    I understand hospitals build their own EPIC programs pretty much. The charting can be very difficult as thre are so many places to do one thing, such as verify orders.....Try to D/C a patient....Wow, it isn't easy. I do love computer charting.

    versions of EPIC and the bad versions
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    I wish we had epic!
    we have meditech and we will go live soon with PCS! I hope ill will work out!
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    Stay brave you will be ok!
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