Anyone who has used McKesson? - page 2

by leekun2010

My hospital is in the process of building our computer charting system, and the program that we're gonna go live with is the Clinical Care Station from McKesson. Is there anyone in this forum who has built a system with this... Read More

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    I do not like it. I preferred MediTech (even though MT looks ancient). McKesson is focused on being complex, when it should be simple. There are frequent failures, and (at my hospital) there is a time delay when moving between each tab in the assessment. The flow sheet does not "flow". The medication administration is full of problems with bar codes not scanning, and there are too many "pop ups" that slow things down and promote mistakes. I heard that they are investing a billion dollars in the program, but I doubt that this money will make the system more "simple".
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    Can you private inbox me the info for the Paragon listserve