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Any tips for Certified Epic Trainer?

  1. 0 Hi everyone!
    I got selected at work to be trained as a certified trainer at the end of July (two weeks). We are about to transition to Epic and a lot of other bigger facilities in my network have already gone live with it. Supposedly, we will be trained and then we will be teaching blocks of classes, three days at a time after the training.

    For those who have gone through the training, do you have any tips as to how I should prepare for this role? I will be part of the "go live" process, training etc. and I will be returning to my normal nursing duties once the transition has been completed.
    My goal has always been to transition to Nursing Informatics eventually and this is the first opportunity I have had to put my foot in the door. Initially, I applied to be a superuser but when this on opened up, I informed them of my interest right away!

    I am just nervous a bit because I am one of the newer nurses on the floor. I was a teacher at a former life and I have had experience with staff training but the environment here is ..different and personalities are very varied. So I would like to prepare and to do a wonderful job fulfilling my role. Hopefully, I will have more chances like this or eventually if I do change hospitals, it will be at a job that is within this specialty.

    Thank you very much!

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    What an awesome opportunity! You are fortunate to have the opportunity to become Epic certified !
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    Most of the internal staff that either gets credentialed or certified prior to their facility going live do not want to go back to bedside nursing. After a few years, many of them decide to go into consulting. Congratulations and good luck!!!
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    Thanks! We are actually relocating next year (my current employers are aware) and I was interviewed at another facility for the position of Clinical Informatics Nurse Specialist. I am hoping that I get the position although the commute is going to be a killer. But I am going to give it a shot anyway and I am hoping that I can transition to this specialty for good! Thanks again!
    (I am looking at other areas as well but this is at the top of my list. Tough to get a nursing job where I will be moving to and it's only due to blind luck that I came across this position.)
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    Quote from BelleP
    I am hoping that I get the position although the commute is going to be a killer.
    Eventually the sacrifice of the commute will be worth it!
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    have you gone to madison. How was it ! I will be going in march and iam very nervous about it. P
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    I am also heading out to WI for my certification in march. Congrats! Very exciting!!
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    Very eager to know how will be the training. How will we succeed as for nurses ?
    Pocketfullofposeys do you work in Houston at MD
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    Hi asha! Nope, I'm all the way in PA.. epic is one busy place!