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I was just wondering if any one has received a response from SLMC GC about the schedule of PGNT1 for batch 2? I already have submitted my requirements and I have paid the initial training fee just... Read More

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    hehe, we can't thank you enough kayern07 and chezzy_curls! shinanigan is right, i also feel the same (too eager to prepare for the PGNT haha) anyway i totally agree.. all we have to do now is just wait for our turn and do our best during our training.. God Bless us all!

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    @desperateRN See you on August 3! =)
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    Quote from shinanigan
    @desperateRN See you on August 3! =)
    yup, see you! (btw, unfortunately i can't reply via PM here coz i'm not yet allowed,haha)
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    hi... can iask about the board rating.. if they accepting 80percent below grade for the pgnt. thanks
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    hi... can i ask if its true that the payment will cost 10k for a 3mos training once u started? thanks
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    Wow! reading from all your posts boosted my eagerness to be in batch 4! In my case, ill just submit my applications personally (though im not from manila) coz im bothered waiting for the good news through SMS. Let's all be positive and pray for our goal! See you all!
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    Quote from cathbruno
    hi... can i ask if its true that the payment will cost 10k for a 3mos training once u started? thanks
    Hi! you can read the previous posts. It's all written there. That's how i learned of the whole PGNT program. Thanks for everyone who shared some information. GOD BLESS YOU!
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    Hi! When are you going? Im planning to submit application again!
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    Hi PGNT trainees! I just wanna ask, how long is phase 1 and phase 2? I back read and one said that phase 3 is about a month but no one mentioned about the duration of phases 1 and 2. I just would like to get an idea on the whole duration of the training. And do we have to pay the 10 k fee before beginning phase 1? Thanks in advance!
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    hello cheezy_curls
    I just want to clarify, you can't go through NSET training, unless you passed or finish PGNT? and also does ANSET and NSET has the same requirements? If I were to apply for ANSET where do I drop my requirements? SORRY if I ask too many questions

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