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St. Luke's, Capitol Med, PHC, Medical City. Does anybody here work in any of these hospitals. If so, please help a fellow nurse out by telling me what I need to bring during my application aside... Read More

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    hi guys, i have a question.. in capitol medical center, is it true you should have a board rating of 80% above in order to be qualified? thanks

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    yes, it is listed as one of their requirements posted outside the hr office.. however, i believe that if you'll be able to complete all the other requirements, they will still give you a chance.. this is because the entry board rating of 78% and above is not written on red ink, unlike the other requirements such as intravenous therapy license and recent basic life support license which are written on red ink.. i think having a board rating of 78% and above is an advantage not a must.. that's just my observation..
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    is capitol med still open for application right now? thank you. ^_^

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