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hi. i would just like to ask if QC Gen. is accepting nurses for training or volunteer work. i'm from quezon city. i just finished my training in quirino memorial medical center last july, and i'm... Read More

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    @voluven: how much do we have to pay for the training?
    just got my sched, this afternoon, well.. yesterday. the last sched of exam for this coming batch (this coming 24th, 1pm thats according to the lady at the training office) which they extended for the late applicants who were still intrested with the training. This is to be filled up to 20 applicants only, if im not mistaken..

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    Hi! Good day! Any of you guys know when will the QCGH will exactly post the result of the exam this coming July?? TIA and GB!!
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    @ princess : I've heard rumors that the training fee will be a bit higher than what they usually charge. But if it cost more than a thousand peso monthly, i would definitely withdraw my application on their training program. GB

    @ sherwin : as for the results, a lady from the NSO told us that it will be posted on the first week of July, and if not, maybe on the second week. GB
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    @princess : last time i checked (from the previous batch) it was php4,800.00 for the entire six months training period..

    @voluven : thx for the info.. btw, any particular or specific date for the result? i'm living far from QCGH and i don't want to go there for the whole week just to update myself for the result. i'll be thankful if you can update us if ever you visited QCGH again.. hope we all pass the exam. TIA and GB
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    is still waiting for the result. I hope i can get in even if i dont have backers.
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    @ sherwin : No particular date given. Sure. I'll keep everyone posted, once the results are out. GB.
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    Quote from paraluman
    i took the exam a while ago. i found it quite easy since it's only a 50-item exam and on a multiple choice basis. The "but" here is that, before we started answering the exam the lady proctor told us to write down your "backer" if there's any on the upper portion of the answering sheet and undoubtedly said that even if you fail the exam but you know someone working in there, you can already count yourself in within the number of qualified trainees. Well, disappointing as it is I still have to take chances because my 50 pesos was already at stake. you have read it right, they asked for 50 pesos as an exam fee. On my personal side, you don't really have to peek on to your notes. you just have to be confident enough and trust yourself that you can pass it. There's a few computation but it's just as easy as D over S times Q if you know what i mean. then, hmmmmmm.... more on MS of course, OB yes and a little bit of Pedia. That's all folks! GOODLUCK and Hope we can make it without the magical backer.
    actually i am not disappointing you paraluman, but to be honest, even if you passed the exam and without a backer, you wont get in...

    The reason why I said that is because I applied on their training program last October(last year)....on the day of exams, the batch that I belonged to was endorsed pala to take the exam on that day...meaning if you have a backer, they have a particular day for your exams...Sad to say I did pass but they ask me who my backer was and when I answered none, de ako tinanggap. So I just withdrewed my application.

    its not what you know...its who you know.
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    i went to QCGH last week, Friday afternoon, unfortunately the security guard told me that the result for July batch trainees was moved this week. kindly post here if it is released already, thank you let us just crossed our fingers that qcgh has a what we know not who we know policy
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    any news on QCGH? when will they post the exam's results?? Thx!
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    Results are out guys

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