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Just graduated last March 2008 and took the boards this June. The thing is, I'm a chronic carrier of Hepatitis B. I already searched the forums and from what I've read, hospitals in the USA, Canada,... Read More

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    hi there! i also have the same dilemma re: hep b. i dont know where to start. a good gastro doc maybe? ould someone direct me on what to do next? im planning to apple outside the philippines too.

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    Quote from bubbles0220
    hi there! i also have the same dilemma re: hep b. i dont know where to start. a good gastro doc maybe? ould someone direct me on what to do next? im planning to apple outside the philippines too.
    You really should talk to your doctor and see what advice they can offer you or refer you on to someone who can help you better
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    Hi there! I'm also a chronic carrier of Hep B, a healthy carrier. My doctor didn't submit me for treatment since my lab results were normal but he recommended another exam,quite expensive and ia available in Manila. Since i'm from the province, i probably will take the exam if my medicals are near already. I'm applying for US right now, i just took the risk. I know of someone who's working in Canada right now,we also have thesame case. Further tests will be asked i guess if one is a hep B carrier before the embassy decides if you have passed their criteria. God bless to all of us. I'll post here once my time has come for medicals.
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    thanks silverdragon!

    jahda_ph hi there! im also a chronic healthy carrier, and all my lab exams were normal. i think your doctor recommended you for the dna level? am i right?

    im from the province too and im still saving up for my coming to manila for further tests..good for you that you already applied for the us, i hope everything goes well. i also hope you could share your events with me. im still groping around on what to do next. hope to hear from you and others too!
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    Don't panic. A know a lot of nurses and student nurses who have Hep B because we know that a good number of Filipinos either are carriers of Hep B or have Hep B. My cousin is a Hep B carrier and she already had a go signal to continue applying for the UK. I am also a Hep B carrier but I think I'll have to think about the NCLEX first before thinking about getting a job since I'm already in the US...
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    hi zerisse! thanks for replying on this thread!

    yes, a lot of filipino's are carriers but despite this fact, the discrimination is high here. it's quite difficult to openly discuss this issue to other persons and the information that is likely to be gathered is quite few because this condition is somewhat a taboo here.

    are you an old visa holder? or did you really apply so that you could go there? could you share to me the steps that you did or even the steps that your cousin is doing?

    thanks in advance! tee cee!
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    Yes I know about not discussing about Hep B in the Philippines because I have lived in the Philippines for more than 20 years and I think this has something to do with Hep B being sexually transmitted and a blood borne disease.

    To answer your question, I already had my visa a few years back from my parents so I didn't apply as nurse. I didn't go through all the exams that are required for the non-visa holders so I don't really know what to say regarding this matter.

    Unfortunately bubbles my cousin is still doing her physical exams and is doing necessary paperwork so I'll have to ask her for more info.
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    Hi! I hope you could update me on her progress zerisse. Maybe you and her could enlighten me on my plight.

    Many thanks!
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    hi bubbles and everyone! yes, let's just hope and pray that whichever place we'll be applying,they would consider us since being Hep B + is not the true measure of being a nurse. I'm actually quite anxious everytime i think of how my medica examination will push thru since i'm waiting for my approval for working visa for US. I just hope my DNA result will show the virus to be non-replicating. I'll post here of my latest events as soon as possible. God bless to all of us. Let's be positive about this, let's not allow this condition to beat and outdo us. Till next time'
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    Hi jahda! yes being hep b+ could never be a gauge in one's true abiliies. I just wish that someday we'd have what we yearn for and be successful in our profession.

    I hope to hear from you soon!

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