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HI everyone, I wento to madocs to pass my reqts. for training, they gave me list of reqts. but then I saw that I also have to pass a chest x-ray. so my question is anyone pass their reqts. in madocs... Read More

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    thanks a bunch , hmm I don't think you'll be ask to pay right away since they have to check your reqts. first, I guess they would tell you to wait for them to contact you. btw do you have already have a chest xray?

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    Quote from raidentheripper
    I am also planning to have a training there.I will go there maybe tommorow. May I know if you pass the req.,do u have to pay the training fee and take a test that day or the test will be scheduled and you will only pay if you get accepted.Thanks!
    Hi raidentheripper, where you able to ask if we are to pass the chest xray with the other reqts.? i mean is it also a prerequisite?
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    Hi Ar-ren, I went there and submitted all the requirements except for the cxr, they said that they will only ask you to give a cxr result and the 6k fee if you have been chosen for the training.Actually I already have my cxr which was done just last month, I am also planning to apply for training in Lung Center,they also require a cxr.
    You can just go there directly at the Nursing office, dont forget the letter to the nursing director with your signature in it. Gudluck.
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    Wow thanks! raidentheripper! d'you happen to know how long is the training?. try passing at st.luke qc they're accepting applicants for training also. maybe i'll go their on thurs. thanks!
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    The training in Madocs is only 3 months. I heard that they require a GWA or the class ranking in St.lukes qc. BTW, are you newly board passer,are u also looking for a job?
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    i'm looking for a job/training, I'm a 2011 graduate, how 'bout you?
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    Batch 2005. But I already worked in a hospital for 4 years but I resigned last year so, I am searching for a new hospital again because I needed to be currently employed or atleast have a continuous hospital nursing experience like trainings,for me to work abroad next year. Where else did you applied for a job?
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    hmm just that, st. lukes qc and madocs. can't think of any more hospital e, what about you? i'm planning to pass in medical city, d'you have an idea if they render nurse training?
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    MaDocs recently sent me a message inviting me for their qualifying exam for a staff nurse position. I believe they are actively hiring this time. However, I submitted my credentials to them way back January 2012, which is of course quite a long wait. You may also want to try passing at Asian Hospital and Medical Center. It was just 3 days apart that Madocs and Asian sent me an invitation for their exam. Both of my applications on these hospitals were way back January. I have to turn them down though. Good luck, and keep us updated. =)
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    Hi Dodoy.

    Mind if I ask which hospital are you working now and in what area? Have you pursued being a dialysis nurse?

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