Manila Doctors Hospital

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    Hi, is there anyone working in MaDocs? How is it working there when you are a new employee? What are the things to consider or anything you can share your experience working in that institution will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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    I also want to apply here... can you please give me some information?
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    are they accepting resumes?
    i heard Medical center manila are accepting
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    Quote from kingramon15
    are they accepting resumes?
    i heard Medical center manila are accepting
    are they hiring or just accepting applications for trainee / volunteer positions?
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    hi. anyone knows if madocs is accepting applications for staff nurse?
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    i know they are accepting 3 months strictly training and for employment 2 weeks training and then you'll be 6 months probationary with a possibility for regular employment...i don't know if they are still hiring though...
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    thanks ph_gurl88 for the info. i've been trying to call them but nobody's answering. ill just try call them again tomorrow.
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    hi..try to submit your application at Madocs..i submitted mine last week...and they accepted it..
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    Hi, I just like to ask if trainings here do have pay. Thanks. Really sound like a stupid question but to train for 6 months without pay is a huge difference to consider.
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    do they really require 80 in your board ratings? thanks.

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