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Hi! I'm a nuby here:) I would like to know, if there are students like me or graduates of LPN at Kennedy Global School. I really wanted to hear more about this school and the experiences.... Read More

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    Quote from saundrasantiago777
    Hi, I've ben certified as a cna for 10 years & worki.g privet nursing for 5 of those years, I wanted to challenge the ca. State board of nursing but they won't allow me to use my privet experience, so the only hope @ this point is going through the Kennedy global corse. Could anyone ease my mind I hear good things & bad I'm relly confused on what to do @ this point & I relly don't want to loose any money if this school is a fraud!! Thank U:
    Read above and why didn't you ask the CA Board when they told you that you didn't qualify the other way? Always always ask the Board you want to apply to. Kennedy is NOT accepted in California so if you plan to stay in CA, you will waste your money.

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    Thank you for taking the time to respond, I didn't know about the school @the time I called. Well do U think I could go through the school & then come back to the US & apply for the boards in an approved state? Then after getting a license apply for one in Ca.??
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    By the way if you do know of any approved states pls let me know. Thank You.
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    I have no idea what states accept Kennedy however, even if you have a license in another state through Kennedy, CA will not give you an endorsement. Ask Kennedy if they use to tell their students to apply in W VA and then apply to CA through endorsement even though they knew CA wouldn't accept it. Posters on here a year ago where posting that's what Kennedy told them to do. Whenever a school is not upfront with you (CA doesn't accept us) and tells you to go around the system, that definitely isn't a school I would trust. The problem was, Kennedy didn't know that CA verifies the education even if you apply through endorsement. Whoops on their scheme.
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    Thank you for being honest in your opinion about the school, im relly gonna have to figure out another option.I should have known better when something sounds to good to be true usually it is
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    Can you tell me pls. what state you take the exam and what foregn credential evaluator your transcript was submitted. thanks
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    Quote from frances08
    Can you tell me pls. what state you take the exam and what foregn credential evaluator your transcript was submitted. thanks
    I was recently told by ERES (the credential evaluation service) that they are no longer evaluating for Kennedy Global and that I have to look for another one. Kennedy Global will tell you which evaluation service you should apply for, it depends on your state. As far as taking the NCLEX-PN, it depends if your state will accept Kennedy Global and that's after getting your credentials evaluated, waiting for the ATT, taking the NCLEX and applying for reciprocity for the state you wish to practice in. Right now, the states I've heard that have an easy process are Texas, West Virginia, Florida and Connecticut, so you have to find out first if your state will accept Kennedy. Illinois is a definite no that is why I'm trying to apply in Florida then apply for reciprocity (as advised by Kennedy Global). It's a really complicated process, and I can't explain everything at this point because everyone has a different situation, it was easy for some people but not for me. Anyways, Good Luck!
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    Nothing like going for an education that half the states won't accept, that a major credentialing sevice won't evaluate any longer, a school that tells you how to circumvent the system. Yep, that's definitely a school I'd want to go to to make sure I got a quality education. But wait, who wants a quality education? I read more, what's the cheapest, what's the quickest, what can I get away with the lowest grades. I sincerely hope more states wake up and require stricter guidelines since this is a medical profession and everyone should strive for higher grades, hands on experience and clinicals with equipment that is up to date.
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    It a shame that people run their mouth and dont think that opportunity should be given to others they are so closeminded. their life is just a one way thing dead to exploring knowlegde beyond what they think shoukd be the stand. Let keep in mind that the best nurses are not only produced in America. At least i know someone who is a student of KGSB she a better LVN than some that had their education here in the States. If she was not well trained should would not have passed the NCLEX yet you have some that have been taking it and have failed many times but they had their eduction here. lol!!!!!!!!!!! stop running down any school because it does not carries the american logo. let focus on the passion each pass carries into the field. They Phillipine may not have all the tech that makes the work easy but they take pride in doing manually and correctly. that is a plus.
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    Quote from Jaycee77
    That's true... It's a one year school away program. They send you the modules, study plan and tests for the first 3 quarters, It's a self study on your free time and the 4th quarter you do the clinicals in the Philippines. I'm on my 2nd quarter and so far it's working for me but at the same time, I'm curious as to what to expect during the clinicals. If there are others like me or better yet graduates who had success stories or not so good once.
    It true i just came back. it is tough. dont think you are going on vacation. A guy in my class quit because he could not stand the stress. the case presentation is killing u will hardly get some rest and pray that you finish in time. the instructor are tough. but i enjoyed my labor room experience. i had to do cord care on a baby underthe supervision of my instructor. After the community nursing experience i almost died from stress. it alot to be done. but dont worry u will learn a lot.

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