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Hi! I'm a nuby here:) I would like to know, if there are students like me or graduates of LPN at Kennedy Global School. I really wanted to hear more about this school and the experiences.... Read More

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    My clinical experience was fun.. I loved it... I got to meet new friends from different states.. I'm still preparing for my nclex, all my friends that have already passed said it was a hard exam... I actually went to pi to study the whole program, I didn't wanna do SAP coz I learn better with interaction... It's hard to be a SAP because when you get to the actual setting you will have a hard time, especially when you do the hands on.. It's different from reading than to do it on actual.. I used to be a SAP but i decided to just do it in the PI, and it turned out good. good luck with you..
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    Baybybear4190 and Shinyfeet,
    I haven't visited this site for a while, It's nice to read comments from you guys. I'm in my 3rd quarter and looking forward to do clinicals on Oct-Dec. scary but exciting! And yes, It's really hard and what makes me really nervous is the NCLEX-PN. Good luck to all of us and it would be really nice if we all have our clinicals at the same time
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    Thanks for sharing your experience and good luck on your review, Hope you past the NCLEX the first time and later share your review and test taking strategies TC!
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    Thank you, hopefully i will make it.
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    Just got back from PI after 2 months and few days of clinical exposure and nclex review. They just started this nclex review class at night after the clinicals. Kinda exhausting doing the nclex review after the clinicals, considering how hot and humid it is in that country. A lot of hands on but because I am a SAP student, it is very hard. You really need to catch up on the practical side. I'll say some of my classmates got into this culture shock thing during our clinicals, some expectations are not met, but overall I am glad I did!
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    good to hear that... good luck on the process of your nclex examination... it is not an easy process especially when you are a sap student, unless if you are residing in a state that does not require credential evaluation prior to taking the exam....
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    So is Kennedy Global a distance learning program (excluding the clinicals)? If it is, how and where do you take exams?
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    Honestly, I do not know anything about if they have that sap program running, because as far as i know distance learning program outside the US is not accepted here in the US. It's up for you guys to find out. I did my studies back there, didn't wanna do distance learning coz it would be hard to learn that way...
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    A friend of mine who is a US citizen just finished the online LPN program at Kennedy Global, but waiting for her 2 months vacation to go back to Philippines to do the clinicals. I asked her to explain to me the nursing process, and she couldn't give me any answer. How can she do the clinicals or pass the nclex without the knowledge of the nursing process?
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    As far as I can remember, they did explain in our lecture the nursing process. Only your friend can explain why she cannot explain the nursing process.

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