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    hi whats the name of the agency that you have applied for?thank u..
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    hi..anyone here who could help me how to apply in libya moh as a nurse??i mean what agency here in phil will i go to to submit application?i hope someone would respond to me..thank u..
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    carl_marimar hi..i just want to ask if u could recommend me a good agency where i can apply as a nurse in libya moh or kuawit moh..i hope u could respond..thanks..
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    to meldzky01

    pls read previous post..

    or better go to

    hope you can follow..
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    its Fil-sino Manpower Services located 2 paranaque multi national vllgemanila
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    Agencies for Libya:
    > Filsino
    > STB-DJL
    > Hopewell
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    hi! how about concorde agency, is it a good agency for libya?
    anyone here who applied at concorde? are there any updates already?
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    I am from COncorde Agency...we were hired by the agency last May..were done with the papers (red ribbon) and medical too..we are patiently waiting for the schedule of PDOS( as what they've told us) and the visa of course...Is it practical to look for a part time job while waiting for the visa and pdos?
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    i was also hired by concorde last may and im done with all the requirements. i was told by one of their agents that our visas are gonna be available this month. i was also planning to look for a job while waiting but when i called them and asked for any updates, they told me that our visa will be released this june so i decided to just wait.but until now, no updates yet and im getting bored already and this boredome is killing me. i hate to be told something and expect another. so i think it would be best for you to look for a part time job while waiting so u wont get bored, as long as u can easily resign once we already have schedule for pdos.
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    so we were batch mates? im thinking twice in looking for a part time job coz there are some companies requiring at least 6 mos of stay...

    the last time that i talked with ***, she told me that the visas are already available and they are just waiting for the go signal from LIBYA..i kept on asking her when could be a definite date for good advise, she doesn't know either..
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