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Hi, I am new to this site and I found it very informative. This would be my first post. I would just like to know if anybody on this board wrote the Kuwait MOH exam last March 18 in PICC? I believe there were 3 agencies ... Read More

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    just called best one agency. they told me that they only accept female applicants.

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    @dinx -

    yes, all rooms are airconditioned and must be air-conditioned or else we wont survive the heat. lol..(bring a good jacket, because it is also cold during the winter).. usually, there are 5 rooms(2 persons per room) and a living area in one flat,2 kitchens(with stove,ref and washing machine) one cable TV(you can buy your own but id advice you to just buy a laptop/pc instead) and 2 bathrooms. Kuwait is not like Saudi, you can go out but remember(esp GIRLS) to ALWAYS bring your passport or civil id or else the police will catch you.. Good if they will imprison you because there are stories that girls are being brought to the desert or seaside, raped and then killed. During offs, im usually in my room, in front of my laptop.

    @cool avrn -

    it is the same advice that i got from adm but later they told me that my visa was not cancelled by my previous employer. if you are an ex-kuwait, then most probably we have the same problem. another reason maybe, you are a reserve applicant(remember there were 33-35applicants and only 30 are to be hired) otherwise they're telling the truth.
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    @ brigz

    they're hiring females for private hospitals. as ive said beware of AL-Essa company, i saw their ads in workabroad and they are working with bestone.. it would be better to wait for MINISTRY of Defense, ADM said they might come on DECEMBER. They're also a part of MOH and the salary will be like twice the salary of nurses in private hospitals. GL
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    Hello, Im under Mother's Way too. I hope all is well.........goodluck to all of us.
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    I heard that the MOTHERS WAY has a tentative schedule for flight next month, is it true???
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    Hi guys!
    I'm from Mother's way, under GULF NATIONAL..
    Haven't been to the agency so i don't have any news yet re: deployment.
    Hoping for the best for all of us!

    Our contract is still not here so we're patiently waiting for it..
    hopefully early next month is our deployment.

    Godspeed Nurses!
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    Just received a text message..
    Our contract from Gulf NAtional has arrived! Thank God!
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    I have heard that for Mother's Way, September 7 will be the flight for the first batch............... Good luck to them...........
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    Quote from Piorf
    hi iris! the exam was 30 items of 3 different sets. id say the one i received was easy, got 24 or 25/30. hint: hmm.. basic nursing, ER cases like MI and bleeding, DM, when to take meds meds(im not familiar), easy computation, and 1 or 2 psych question. passing score is 12 or 15(cant remember).

    if you have, use a cellphone where you can access the internet. lol.. never used this(no load at that time) but it may come in handy.
    really? they allow applicants to access the internet for the answers? are they not that strict? hoping that i will passed the exam thanks for the information piorf how about the interview i have read some threads and they said that it was more on pathophysiology of diseases? is that right?
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    hi... how much was the placement fee in ADm? thanks once again

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