how can i become a PHLEBOTOMIST here in the Phil? - page 2

hi guys! how can i become a PHLEBOTOMIST here in the Phil? thank you!... Read More

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    agrees with Lyfer

    PWU offers a TESDA accredited phlebotomy program. Of course you need to finish TESDA requirements to finally have the license (yes, phlebotomist do have a license card pretty much similar to what nurses have)

    I believe TESDA requires you to have at least 300hours (correct me if I'm wrong) of lab hours for the license.

    I have a friend who is also a licensed phlebotomist that why I know. ;-)
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    Thanks for the additional info lactamase.
    I am also planning to enroll in phlebotomy training. I inquired at PWU, but that was i think a year ago. They said the training is for 1 month, enrollment fee is 7k?
    I'm not sure if there has been any changes made.
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    I do know someone who worked as a phlebotomist in PNRC. He is a nurse and has IVT training too. Perhaps you could try asking your PNRC chapter. Good luck!
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    Quote from needlefoxRN
    I do know someone who worked as a phlebotomist in PNRC. He is a nurse and has IVT training too. Perhaps you could try asking your PNRC chapter. Good luck!

    wow, thanks a lot. i'll be checking on it. God bless
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    its been a year since i made a post and to my surprise, im quite overwhelmed with the replies... thanks collegues... hope this helps, i also got to see the website of PWU, they do offer a phlebotomy training.. but when i inquired, some guy told me that the start of training depends on how many would register for the program; likewise, there's no definite "starting date" for the said training... nurse::redpinkhe
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    Hi. Is there a PWU school here in Cebu??? I urgently need a phlebotomy nurse training and I am looking for one here... Thanks.
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    Hi everyone. I'm trying to find a training center here in the Phil, but i can't seem to find one. I could use some advise. Thanks
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    gosh! My first time to see the thread. Actually, i had my phlebotomy training last week ,October 05, 2011 in one of the hospitals here in cebu. The fee was only 200pesos. Inclusive to it was snacks, materials for return demo, certificate of attendance and certificate of completion. By the way,to be able to get the certificate of completion is a requirement to comply the 5cases of extracting blood from adults for CBC exam.
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    good to nkow that info lady-avoidant. where did you avail for the training?I am from cebu as well and planning to get the training too.TIA.
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    @ned in gullas hospital. I don't know yet if the training is still available this month. Anyways, i'll ask the medtech in-charge to know how many times it is to be conducted every year.
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    I didn't know that there's already a training for phlebotomy. I think it will be useful. Me even if I don't have a formal training, I manage to learn by myself. If you're in a government hospital, sometimes nurses must know how to extract blood because med tech were busy. it is useful and will add to your skills. However, in Philippine nurses law, I'm not sure if this procedure is at a scope of practice of a nurse. So be careful and follow your institution's policy regarding this.
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    hi lady_abundant where did you trained as phlebotomist??? my employer is asking me a relevant cert to work as phleb in dubai... actually im a staff phlebtomist here in are tertiary hospital... i have a cert that im a staff phleb. but i don't have a any certificate that im a certified phlebotomist, cause i don't know what institution here in the phil offering the training??? hope you can help me thank you...
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